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If you can't get enough fighting game action, try going wild! In Animelee, you have the right to bear arms. Want to go fast? Go fox. Going for all out power? Croc's got you covered. Do you want to win with reflexes and skill instead of button-mashing? Battles can be a blistering brawl between high speed animals, or a tense game of strategy between slow, heavy hitters that can end the match in seconds. See if you can handle the intense action and endless combos of Animelee.

NEW! Sheep has joined the cast as our 17,500 Player Reward! He brings a brand new character class into the mix. Play as a Regenerator to undo damage done to you by foes and survive!

NEW! Zompocalypse Mode is now available as our 10,000 Player Reward! Defeat Daily Bosses, recruit them to your party, and battle hordes of zombies to win powerful weapons.

Tense, bare knuckle battles await you.

**Animelee is designed to work optimally with 2GB if RAM. If it does not work on your device, please do not rate with 1 star. Explain your rating so we can improve device compatibility.


-Roster of characters 14, now including Sheep!

-New characters added regularly based on YOUR votes.

-Built-in voting in-game lets YOU decide the new free content!

-Collect and wear a wide variety of HATS and WEAPONS to power up your fighters.

-Battle across 12 stages around the world!

-Experience an epic saga of adventure and mystery.

-Battle friends (and enemies) with Player-to-Player battles over Wi-Fi and mobile data.

-Build up energy and unleash unbelievable special attacks

-Max out your energy gauge to transform into legendary forms and gain new powers!

-Potentially infinite combos!

-Daily Log-In rewards can earn you unique, powerful items!

-Take photos of your battles with in-game snapshot feature to share with friends.


-Stage content available in-game may be based on the memory capabilities of your device.

-Free space is required for Animelee to save game progress and screenshots


If you've ever wanted an animals fighting game, this is for you.</br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br>

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